Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally in Sasebo, Japan!

It seems like it took so long to finally get here, but here we are.  We are still in the Navy lodge and it's tough with the four of us in this small room.  The time change was especially difficult for 9 month old Braden.  I think after 5 days now he is getting in the groove.  Matt and I did our "welcome to Japan" classes and got our drivers licenses.  Mine is restricted to driving on base for a week for a slight curb check during my test.  We are fortunate to have a loaner car from Matt's sponsor so we can get around.  We are in the process of looking for a car (no simple task with the language barrier).  We also hope to accept housing this week.  We looked at townhouse and an apartment in the tower at Hario village.  I think we are opting for the tower.  Here are a few pictures of us around town.  Will update soon......Jess

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Tony said...

tower...god no with little ones...dont do it